Reflective Summary of Topic 1

I would like to start by saying the module layout is different to anything I have come across before as I am used to the traditional layout of mass learning from an expert. Therefore, this module has opened my eyes to a new way of learning which is not only engaging but much more social than other forms. The idea of learning from each other as well as ourselves brings a community feels which is non-existent in most learning formats. I feel I am fairly competent with technology and social media yet WordPress and blogging is a new concept for me in an educational or personal sense. Despite this I felt quite comfortable with using it within a short space of time.

The concept of Digital Visitors and Digital Residents was new to me so it made my initial research more interesting, during which I found a transition of improved ideas on the subject. Through the use of YouTube I was able to learn from the theorist himself which improved my learning experience. Researching at my own pace helped to solidify my ideas on the topic and make sure I was sure of the theories before starting my post.

I presented the original theory by Prensky of Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives and David White’s improvement on Prensky’s ideas to come to a conclusion on where I fitted on the scale myself. The comment left by Kevin on my post made me reconsider the letter/email analogy as I agree this is more a representation of Digital Visitation as it is the result of using the internet for a tool. Maybe this should be replaced by the concept of professionals using LinkedIn to network rather than attending networking events.

Overall I enjoyed the start to the module and I am looking forward to the next topic.


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