Summary of ethical issues caused by professional social media use…

I enjoyed the freedom of this topic as I feel the task could have been taken in several ways. Upon reading others blogs I wanted to take a different approach to the task and present a very current issue that I thought a lot of other students could easily relate to. However, I do feel that more important issues were raised by other students, as privacy of online professionals in my opinion is not as important as the modern way in which the news is presented (as discussed in Tobie’s post). Although, privacy is an important ethical issue; it doesn’t matter if it is a celebrity’s privacy or any member of the public’s privacy.

I had a total of 5 comments of my blog post which is the most I have had. A couple that stood out for me were Wills comment and Claire’s comment. Will seemed to strongly agree with the points I made in my post and he made an interesting point about vloggers almost being seen as characters as the exposure of their lives in a way dehumanizes them. I guess this is why people see it more acceptable to invade their privacy. Claire discussed online celebrities being role models in the eyes of viewers and whether putting this pressure on YouTubers was fair on them. This was a point I hadn’t considered and in my opinion, when publicizing their lives online they need to consider the consequences as much as any other person.

I made a comment on Tobie’s post and also Nikhil’s post. Reading Nikhil’s post it became apparent of the lack of social media policy implemented by business’s in order to stop inappropriate content from being posted meaning maybe firms are to blame. Tobie discussed how news can be broadcast by anyone with a smartphone as many news broadcasters rely on first hand footage to report a story before they are even present at the scene. I stated that this can take away censorship and if this creates ethical problems.

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