Reflection on free online content…

When I read the Topic 5 question I thought there were many ways the presented question could be answered. To fit all opinions into a 400 word blog post was challenging and I feel only a couple of issues could be addressed.  Others blogs seemed to either focus on open source academic papers or piracy online and how online users can access media for free even if it legally should be paid for. I discussed online advertising which is how the majority of online content is funded and the implications of content viewers blocking them and causing a rise in paywalls.

I received 4 comments on my blog from Davina, Tom, Kevin and Nickhil. Most commenters reviled they were users of ad block and now are more likely to consider their use of it more. Nikhils comment said there was a lack of depth that I feel I could go into with a longer blog post. Many of the people that commented on my post didn’t agree with my view that not all online content should be free as all information should be accessible yet I feel presenting information in any form is a service that needs to be funded, be it just to run servers to keep it online.

I commented on Kevin and Tom’s blogs. Kevin focused on educational materials and gave the view that materials should be open access as it provides a “superior learning experience”. He also gave the example of Khan Academy. Tom took a different approach and discussed artists opposing views on releasing free music and gave the argument that making content free would offer more opportunity to plagiarise others work. I think that the answer is not a simple yes or no but based on the type and value of content.

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