Reflection of Topic 2

Multiple identities online can raise alarm bells when people first consider it due to the popularization of the MTV show Catfish (brought up in many others blogs). Also I feel it could have the stigma it has as it is generally brought up in a negative light for example with new laws against internet “trolls”. Yet, multiple identities, if used correctly can be a useful tool for separating ones social life from their professional life. Researching this topic helped me realize multiple identities are beneficial unless they are abused.

Emma commented on my blog again this topic and she argued part of my blog when I stated I was yet to have multiple identities but plan to in the future. She pointed out that by taking this module I already am displaying a separate more professional identity online which I agree with yet I feel this is only starting to develop and the line between my social and professional identity isn’t as clear cut as I hope it to be in the future. I once again commented on Emma’s blog posing the question of whether a professional online identity is a true representation of a person. She thought it would be, although certain things would be hidden. In my opinion, a professional identity can be very limited in terms of displaying a person’s true self.

Lastly, I commented on Alice’s blog who mentioned about just how much information employers might be able to obtain from a google search. I took the initiative to find out what appears when I google myself and luckily was not unhappy with what I saw. She also based a large part of her blog on anonymity which I also included and I questioned her about whether having anonymity is positive or negative.

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